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    In addition to our core programs, our School offers Summer Camp and Extracurricular Activities for students of all age groups.

    Our vision is to empower children to make a positive impact in the world through leadership and compassion.

    Our school helps each child recognize that he is part of a larger community and that his contribution is invaluable. Ensuring a mix of gender, personalities, and ethnic backgrounds helps children learn how to appreciate and respect one another.

    International Day is a celebration where we gather to celebrate the diversity of the world's cultures through student performance of dances and songs from other countries.

    A guided, not forced method of teaching that stresses the development of initiative and natural abilities made by observing children of different cultures and how they learn. Developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori.


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MSNH is a true international environment where our children learn the importance of living and co-existing in this world culture. With our curriculums our children’s’ natural gifts are identified and then enhanced. They learn to be independent and make intelligent decisions while learning contribution, first here, then at home and in society.We maintain classroom environments where each child receives the personal attention they need to develop their individual gifts. We help them to expand their minds culturally, academically and socially so that they attain the life skills needed to achieve their goals and live life to its fullest. The emphasis of our methods here at MSNH is to create academically advanced children who can think creatively starting at pre school. As we track our graduated students through their adult lives, we find them achieving their passions in life. Many of them are doing what they set out to do in life and have gone on to become composers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, opera singers, actresses, teachers and as many other fields as diverse as our children are.In 1999 we were honored by the American Montessori Society in becoming the 42nd Montessori School in the United States and one of the few accredited schools in Illinois. We have been serving the surrounding communities of South Barrington, Inverness, Palatine, Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates for 20 years now and we are conveniently located just north of I-90 between Barrington Rd and Ela Rd. Please call us at (847)705-1234 to arrange a tour of our school so you can see for yourself why we’re one of the most referred private Montessori schools/preschools in Illinois. Or complete our online inquiry form and a member of our staff will contact you. 

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